Wind and Waves

~ The process of aligning the life I am living…with the life in me, that wants to live! ~

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I strive to live in a meaningful way.   Understand our short existence here on earth. Experience it through all my senses. Travel and get to know lands and peoples. I am excited about deepening who I am,opening the breadth and depth of life  the subtleties, the nuances the beauties, the fears, the pains.

Illuminate/express the meaning and Love I feel and see. Empower.
TELL MY STORY. Sing my Story. Adventure my story. Art my Story. photograph my Story. Tell my Story!

Speak my truth. Truth is power.
Core Feelings:  radiant, joy, playful, expansive, fluid , in communion.
I am part of a living whole and I want what is the best for me…. and all others at the same time. Sustainability!! Respect. Relationship with ALL things (shamanism :-))

Follow the magic, see how magical it all is!
Make positive effort for the good.
There’s open space, enter it.
digest my learnings, show it wholly through who I am. Moment to moment through my actions and way.
Cooperation and collaboration to be in service to all of life
Hone (own it!) my medicine, sacred gifts and give it to my people.

Move away from walking a path  social conditioning

broaden our sensual experience.

Lets face it, the more skillful we are with our senses, the more we can utterly luxuriate in the magical, mystical, spectacles of life.


Cultivate a rich, peaceful and powerful inner space.
Center myself midst change. embrace a state of joy that bubbles up from a deep place within.
Understand that life’s adventure (we signed up for) brings us situations and experiences(challenges!) to help us grow, deepen who we are, and evolve.

Be where you Are.


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