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What with the Bow & Arrow?

March 4th, 2019 · 3 Comments · La Vida


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  • Loch

    It’s Diana the huntress, arhetype of the anima that seeks autonomy and refuses to merge identities or lose herself in another. Often she appears in our consciousness when the fear of intimacy arises, for we fear that connection will destroy our sense of self. Often this fear indicates that we have explorations to do within our old patterns traumas and ideas around attachment. Fear is the thing we must face, and truth is, we have the choice, to lose ourselves or to forge through the feAr towards greater intimacy.

  • Loch

    To be more specific to the question, the bow and arrow symbolize the ability to direct ones own life, to identify goals and achieve them, to become self realized. The dilemma lies in the illusion that to do these things means we have to be alone, that relationship equals slavery or an inexorable pull towards a lessor existence.

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