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All about Me, baby!

November 19th, 2015 · La Vida

November seems like such a time of reflection.  Things at the restaurant are calming down enough that there seems to be space. And everyone is talking about winter and what they are going to do.  I am enjoying this talk.  In my city life, things didn’t change to much.  Winter just meant you might have to leave extra time to get to your job because there could possibly be a snowstorm. And it meant that I was going to be bitterly cold walking to my car or riding my bike.

Here in Boulder, Everything seems to change!  more reflections on that, Later but for now here are some pictures of me doing random different things this year!  THank you Scott. It is nice being the apple of someone’s eye, someone who captures these moments and then later, appreciates them. :-)

20140712_101423 20150315_123331 IMG_1913 IMG_20150518_191946 IMG_20150524_085413 IMG_20150902_092953 P1050682

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Strenuous briefness of life

November 14th, 2015 · La Vida


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Yay visitors!

November 7th, 2015 · La Vida

12191541_10153762080461554_8692647935784418448_nBobcat and I climbing Sugar Loaf, near my house.

photo 1-17looking out over the Henry mountains, Fred and Peggy!

I love visitors :-)

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November 5th, 2015 · La Vida

photo 3-8

Soon winter will be upon us, and then it is story time, a time to go huddle with our relations, explore the country, and turn inside to our thoughts and feelings for while.

It is a time of giving gifts, of being grateful, and of getting ready for new beginnings. And, as always, it’s a time to rejoice in being alive.

I wish you a most happy autumn!

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It’s a new Day!

November 3rd, 2015 · La Vida

photo 2-15I woke up inspired this morning.  I had that good feeling I used to get when I was excited to get cozy by the crackling fireplace and make Christmas presents.  It’s a new month. It’s a calm month. It’s a cold month. Darkness is setting in.  I feel inspired to launch something new…………..Journal works!


If you would like one (they make great Christmas presents :-))  I am now in full production.  Just tell me what you want and I will make it for you.  Tis the season! Tis the season to start going inward and exploring your inner world and all that you churned up over the sunny, outward SUMMER!


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The Hawaii Journal, in the desert

October 27th, 2015 · La Vida

photo 1(2)

photo 3-5

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Burr Trail

October 27th, 2015 · La Vida

photo 2-11

photo 2(5)

I am still in disbelief that this is practically right outside my door!  I have had so much to learn and discover that I I’ve only just discovered it!  I was thrilled to find out, not far from my house, are the strikingly tall red rock cliffs that I feel so at home in.  I had associated them with Moab, Utah.  But whoa! Here they are, all around :-) So much to explore!!

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October 23rd, 2015 · La Vida


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Seeking…… Light

October 23rd, 2015 · La Vida

photo 4(3)“I am an unwritten chapter.  I’m dinged up and weary and my heart is sore.  but really in the most essential way I’m the newest I’ve ever been the best is not behind me, dammit, its ahead of me.  I never stood a chance before, because I was a slave to what I could not see.  A puppet to past patterns but I have taken a knife and carved myself free.  The truest treasure is a soul who believes in its own existence and I BELIEVE I am here. I am showing up.”

~ from Jewel’s new book


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October 11th, 2015 · La Vida

Will I be chasing this for the rest of my life?!

IMG_20150827_193209I asked a young European boy to snap this photo for me in Death Valley.  We spoke no words.

Death Valley, is an incredible place!

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